How do I buy tickets

Tickets are available only through the ticket shop on this website and via our Facebook page. They are available right now! Please see the tickets page for more info.

Are there any booking fees

Yep. We hate additional fees as much as you, which is why we’ve picked a ticket agent with low fees. Each ticket will incur an additional £1.50 booking fee, plus your normal card transaction fees (normally 4.5%). This is the lowest fee we’ve found for a ticket seller in the UK and is still considerably less than the 10% many festivals will charge.

But the service charge is way more than £1.50!

Don’t panic! That’s your credit card fee and the £1.50 booking fee all wrapped up together. The ticket seller wanted to make the fees as transparent as possible, so they show the total up front, rather than surprising you with an extra transaction fee when you get to the payment stage.

When will I get my ticket

Tickets are delivered instantly upon payment, either to your mobile phone or to your email address. Just bring a print out or your mobile along and we’ll scan them at the gate and exchange for wristbands. If you don’t see them in your inbox, please check your spam folders.

Can I get a refund or sell my ticket

Unfortunately we are not able to refund tickets that can no longer be used. You are allowed to sell or gift your tickets to friends etc.

What do I do if I've lost my E or M ticket

Unfortunately tickets can only be issued once, so don’t delete that email! For lost ticket support please email 

Do I need tickets for my children

Yes. Children aged between 5 and 16 require a Kids ticket which will allow them access to all the dedicated kids sports and activities. For children under 5 you must purchase an Under 5s ticket.

Can I leave and return to the site

Yes, as long as you still have your wrist band on and only do so within the opening times of the festival site (see below).

Can I buy tickets on the day

No, there will be absolutely no cash sales on the day. Make sure you buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Are there any additional costs to take part in activities

We pride ourselves in making almost all sports and activities for children completely free. There are a small number of special activities which will cost extra and must be booked in advance. Full details will be published on the website in the coming months. There might be an additional cost for things like body and face painting. All classes for adults (such as Feldenkrais) are also free. Woodland Spa treatments, such as massages and hot tubs cost extra.

Opening Times

When does the festival open

Gates open on Friday 27th May at 12 noon. Last entry will be at 10pm. On Saturday and Sunday the site will open at 9am and close again at 10pm. On Monday the festival closes completely at 2pm.

When will the line up be announced

All performers can be seen on the performers page. The timings and full schedule will be published in the festival mini-guide which you’ll get given when you arrive.


How do I get to Elderflower Fields

Probably the easiest way is to drive, but if at all possible we would encourage you to consider using public transport or lift sharing. Details of trains and busses can be found on the travel page.

How much does it cost to park

Nothing! Parking is free. As in 2015, we’ll be running a free, continuous buggy taxi service to help get you and your stuff from the car park to the camping areas.

Is there special parking for disabled people

Yes – there will be disabled parking spaces close to the festival entrance for blue badge holders. If you need to drive your car on site to be able to camp you will be allowed to pitch in the camper van area. Please see the welfare page for more information.

Camping and Accommodation

Can we camp with all our friends in one place

The main camping field is very spacious so there is a good chance you will be able to camp with your friends and have plenty of room to spread out, but we recommend arriving early to ensure this as we cannot reserve spaces.

Can we camp next to our friend's camper van

Not ordinarily. The standard camping fields are in a different area to the camper vans this year. If you really want to camp next to your friends with camper vans, then you too can buy a camper van pass. Anyone, with or without a vehicle can buy a ticket to camp in the camper van area. Please see the camper vans page for more information.

Do I need to book for camper vans or caravans

Yes. You must buy a camper van ticket in advance – they will not be available on the gate and if you turn up without a ticket you’ll have to park in the main car park. Camper van / caravan passes cost £35 plus booking fee. Trailer tents which require a vehicle to tow them or other live in vehicles also require camper van passes.

Is there a luxury camping option

Yep. Various ‘glamping’ options are be available. You must book in advance. More details are available on the Glamping page.

Can we have campfires

You are allowed your own fire pits or barbecues off the ground, but you are not allowed to build any other campfires or take wood from anywhere on the site.

Are gazebos allowed

Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem as we have very spacious camping areas, but please be considerate towards your fellow campers.

Can I bring my own food and alcohol

Yes, this is allowed but please do not bring any glass and be mindful of how much rubbish you are creating. We have asked all our food providers to make their meals affordable (as well as good quality).

Are BBQs and camp stoves allowed

BBQs and gas camp stoves are allowed but please don’t bring any petrol stoves. Also make sure they are raised off the grass and are well away from tents.

The Festival Site

Is there mobile / 3G coverage on site

Yes, but it can be patchy and depends on your network provider. If you think you will need mobile internet coverage it’s best to check with your provider first.

Is there a cash point on site

Unfortunately there is no cash point on site. The nearest cash points are in Nutley and Uckfield several miles away, so best to bring cash with you.

Can I bring my dog or other pet

Sorry – no animals are allowed anywhere on the estate. You’ll have to find a dog sitter for Fido.

Will there be medical services

Yes, St John ambulance provide the festival with an excellent medical service. Their location at the festival will be shown on the site map which will be available in May.

Is there somewhere I can charge my mobile phone?

 Yes! This year we have teamed up with Music Angel, a festival mobile charging provider with a difference. More info coming soon… 

Other Questions