Rock Your Asana

ROCK YOUR ASANA: Where power ballads meet real yoga…

Brought to you by Real Life Yoga… Are you just a yoga girl, living in a lonely world? Maybe there’s been heartache and pain, and you don’t know if you’ll yoga again? Perhaps you never really cared until you met….yoga?

Rock Your Asana brings together two of the greatest things which exist in the world – power ballads and yoga. A 60 minute class in which you’ll move your body through yoga poses, all the while accompanied by a soundtrack of nothing but the greatest musical creations of our time.

This kind of yoga is for EVERYBODY. In Rock Your Asana it doesn’t matter if you can barely see your toes, let alone touch them. All the poses will be offered with modifications, so it’s perfect for even the most un-bendy of bodies.

Real Life Yoga: Yoga for Every Body

Real Life Yoga was founded by Meg Jackson, specifically for anyone who has always wanted to try yoga but didn’t think they were bendy enough. (Or thin enough, or young enough, or owned enough Lycra…). She runs classes, courses and workshops in London and beyond. For more information, visit



Saturday & Sunday – times TBC

Who’s it for?

Adults and older kids


Drop in – just turn up and take part! Bring a yoga mat if you have one, but don’t worry if you don’t – you can do yoga on the grass!

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