Camper Vans and Caravans

If you would like to bring a camper van, caravan or other live in vehicle to Elderflower Fields, you will need to book a live in vehicle pitch. These spaces can also be used if you would like to pitch a normal tent next to your car.

Each pitch costs £45 inclusive of booking fees. The pitches are allocated, just like when you book a seat at the theatre or on an aeroplane, so you can pick a space close to the festival or up the hill where the views are more spectacular and it’s a little more peaceful.

Pitches are marked out at a minimum of 6m x 9m. Each pitch may contain only ONE vehicle of any kind. So, for example, you may not have a camper van AND a car, or you may not have TWO cars.

You will not be able to select a pitch if you try to book via a mobile device and a default pitch will be issued. If you want to choose your pitch, please make sure you book via a desktop computer and using a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

The plan below should give you an overview of the layout of the live in vehicle pitches.