Food and Drink at EF2017

The food on offer at Elderflower Fields is a most prominent and enjoyable part of the festival experience. Our aim is to provide a range of delicious food served up by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about what they offer. We aim to seek out small family run, innovative food providers who are based in Sussex or in close proximity to the festival site and they are encouraged to bring their own magic to the festival. We aim to promote exciting, new and up and coming ventures who are committed to using locally sourced, organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible.

The range of food vary from traditional English faire such as cooked breakfasts, fancy fish and chips, sausage rolls, warming soups and homemade cakes to culinary experiences from all over the world such as wonderful Thai curries, genuine wood fired Italian pizzas, beautiful French crepes, tasty Pakistani naan wraps, Italian pasta dishes and Swedish street food. There will also be healthy salads, biodynamic burgers with superlow food miles, delicious fish tacos and fun twisted chips as well as frozen yogurt, ice creams and some other sweet treats.

Promoting local food producers is a key aspect of the festival not only when it comes to the food stall holders, but we also organise a unique complimentary picnic on the Sunday when festival goers are given the opportunity to sample a range of some of the very best local food on offer in Sussex together with their family and friends. This picnic is designed for ticket holders to taste different types of food rather than fill the whole group up and all our great food vendors are still open for lunch.

More vendors will be added to this page as they are confirmed…