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Feed Bellies Not Bins

By March 8, 2017 May 8th, 2017 No Comments

We all love food, YES?

Elderflower Fields are lucky enough to welcome some of the finest local food vendors from Sussex and beyond. Food is a big part of our festival and this year we are introducing an exciting new Campfire Cookout zone featuring workshops and demos for foodies young and old. Our friends from Holmes Wood Play will also be back with their messy Mud Kitchen for our youngest guests, and of course, our So Sussex family taster picnic returns.

But what to do when bellies are full? Food waste at festivals can be a big issue but we’re taking steps to reduce what is thrown away. Our fantastic array of food providers offer child sized portions and we are very careful with what is brought in to Pippingford Park by anyone attending. We encourage you to only bring what you really need to the festival and share any surplus supplies of food or drink with your campsite neighbours rather than sending it to the bin.

Last year The Real Junk Food Project Brighton were on site at the end of the festival and we are proud to say that almost all of the excess food from our catering vendors was redistributed. This year there will also be tables in the campsites and at the entrance to the festival on Monday morning for anything that you really can’t use or take home.

In 2017 The Real Junk Food Project Brighton will be back to save any unwanted supplies from going to waste. Any food that can’t be re-distributed at the festival will be used in one of their weekly pop-up Junk Food Cafes at various venues across Brighton. They serve healthy and nutritious lunches on a ‘pay as you feel’ concept encourages people to think about what their plate of food means to them. If diners can’t afford to pay money, then they may want to wash up, weigh some intercepted food, or lend a hand at the Food Hub.

Elderflower Fields has plenty of reasonably priced fantastic food and our General Store will again be selling essentials like milk and bread. You are welcome to bring food to the festival but we do ask you to consider what you actually need and please do support our hard working food vendors as much as possible. Each year our campsite is littered with unopened bread, bottles of fizzy drinks, tins of beans, bags of fruit and even alcohol (all of which are available on site). All abandoned by campers, which presents a real recycling problem for us and a dreadful waste. We are working hard to make Elderflower Fields a greener event.

The Real Junk Food Project will be on site on Bank Holiday Monday, but we’d love your support to make the job of redistributing food at festivals a thing of the past.

More about our food vendors here. And read more about the amazing work of The Real Junk Food Project Brighton here.


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